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The heycopy manifesto

Hi, my name is Simon Sovič and I’m the founder of HeyCopy and co-founder of the startup studio Clover Labs.

I built HeyCopy because I believe that copywriting is one of the most value adding skills that all product builders and indie hackers must have.

However, most copywriters, creators, crafters and hackers have no idea how to improve their writing.

I spoke with over 40 copywriters, creators and indie hackers and found that the number one thing that most improved their writing was a Copy Buddy.

“Wait. What’s a Copy Buddy?”
- You (probably)

A copy buddy is an accountability partner with a similar skillset and goal of improving writing. It’s someone you talk with and bounce back ideas or feedback. It’s a mutually beneficial partnership where the only goal is growth.  

What’s interesting is that even though a copy buddy system helped a lot of people improve their writing, there’s no platform that helps you get a copy buddy.

And that’s why I built HeyCopy, a FREE community that connects people who want to improve writing skills.

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Simon Sovič

Founder & ceo at heycopy
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Why HeyCopy?

Because getting a copy buddy is the best way to improve your writing and it should be easier to get one.

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Getting a dedicated copy buddy is hard

Most people like you and I, have no idea where and how to find a copy buddy to improve writing. Heycopy makes it super easy to get a serious copy buddy.


Everyone is vetted through a call

I want to get to know everyone that signsup to learn about your experiences and background. We doesn’t discriminate against experience levels, but we do want total honesty about availability and expectations.

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Matching based on experience

After you sign up and go through the vetting process, you’ll be matched with a copy buddy with similar experience level, motivation and interests.


Alligned incentives

Everyone is here to improve writing skills. When you’re matched with a copy buddy, you’ll know that on the other side of the screen is a person who’s just as excited to improve their skills as you are.


Reviews keep everyone honest

After you’ve worked with a copy buddy for some time, I’ll reach out and ask you for a review of the copy buddy. This will help me ensure that everyone has a good experience going forward. Reviews stay private and only influence future matches.

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It's absolutely FREE

I’m doing this because it’s solving a problem I also have. However, if you want to leave an anonymous crypto tip (ETH and ERC tokens only) you can do so to this wallet address.

How does it work?

It all happens in 3 easy steps. Signup, hop on a call and get introduced to your copy buddy.


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Hop on a 15 min vetting call

As you signup, I’ll send you an email with a calendly link so that we can hop on a call. This call is primarily to ensure that you’re a real human eager to become a better writer and not some bot up to no good.

I know, I know, captcha could do this, but I also need to find out more information about you so that I can better match you with a copy buddy. In our call I’ll ask you about past experiences, your writing goals and the type of writing you're interested in.


Matching and intros

Next I’ll match you with somebody that is on your level to ensure that this will be a mutually beneficial copy buddy experience. I’ll introduce you and give you a framework and tips to make your copy buddy experience as amazing as possible. But I can only go so far, the writing and the dedication to the process is on you.

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ALL writing fields welcome

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Writers usually talk to Copy Buddies for:





Career advice


A good copy buddy is:

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Frequently asked questions

It’s 100% FREE!

Become a better writer with a copy buddy.

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